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Starting a
Voice Program

The two-way conversational approach of a Voice Program will strengthen long-term connections with your clients.

At CogniVocal, we believe that a voice strategy needs to find an intersection between business objectives and what customers care about, to build a hyper-focused and high-quality voice experience that can become part of your customers' lives.

• Conversational Design

• Build

• Test

• Certification

• Gathering Users Data

• Data Analysis

• Customers Needs

• Company Goals

• Role of voice
• Meaningful Features

• Voice UX
• Multimodal Displays
• Brand’s Voice

• Content Update
• User Retention
• Marketing Plan



& Learning



Diagnosis of Opportunities




& Growth

Need help to start your Voice Program?


Listen to your customers.

CogniVocal builds customer experiences through Voice AI and chatbots that engage people with your company.

Through a voice interface, you will have not only a rare opportunity to start a meaningful conversation with your consumers but also allow you to learn from their data—giving you a deeper understanding of user’s interactions and needs. Beginning a brand voice project will also deliver experiential value that builds long-term loyalty.

  • Setting your brand's voice.

  • Developing an engaging conversation with customers.

  • Listening and learn from users.

  • Applying AI to answer accurately.

  • Overcoming customers expectations.

Want to start a real conversation with your customers?

The potential

is limitless.


The omnipresence of voice assistants in cars, hotel rooms, homes, offices, on personal devices will facilitate people to interact through technology more naturally.


From daily tasks automation to a business integrated chatbot, conversational interaction is improving companies performances.


Sound has a profound effect on the human brain. The adoption of voice assistants can create a strong positive impact on people quality lives.


Data analysis of user interactions to improve customer experience, drive insights and business opportunities.

Want to know how Voice will drive a huge impact in your business?



Emotion Coaching - Voice App

CogniVocal is collaborating with Monash University and the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health to evaluate and further develop the Emotion Coaching Voice App, with psychologists and parents testing the feasibility of voice tech in parenting programs.

Mental health disorders are a massive problem for many children in Australia. Parents face many challenges with long waiting times in the public health care system, and the high prices of private services, also worrying about feeling judged when dealing with mental health for their children. 

However, parents can play a crucial role in their children's mental health by applying Emotion Coaching - a simple communication-based approach and enhance their child's emotional development. 

Pirate Island - Voice Game

Pirate Island is an awarded adventure game that engages players in a unique voice-first experience designed to allow a user that has never before interacted by voice to overcome the challenges of the game and engaged with the story.

The game is released in seasons and players can constantly come back to challenge the infamous characters in mini-games.

Farm Tycoon - Voice Game

Farm Tycoon is a voice-game where players must make tough decisions and take risks to prove they can become a Farm Tycoon.

They will need to move fast and earn wealth and goodwill points as they rise through the ranks of the farmer society to reach the top of the rankings.



We work collaboratively with global talents to deliver outstanding tailor-made solutions for our clients.

We are always looking for highly motivated people.

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Dyung Ngo

CTO - Founder

Dyung has a diverse background in Aerospace Engineering, Vehicle Crash Safety Design, Software Development and Enterprise Productivity. However, it is Conversational AI and the potential of voice to change how we interact with technology that excites him with building many Amazon Alexa and Samsung Bixby Capsules as well as enterprise focus solutions with chatbots.

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André Alcantara

CMO - Founder

André is Creative Strategist and Designer with more than 15 years working in Experiential Marketing for prestigious multinational companies, currently applying his knowledge in Voice AI to enhance customers experience and brand engagement through voice interactions and integration with advanced digital strategies.

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