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We create more convenient and engaging experiences for sports fans wherever they might be.


Given the pandemic's unprecedented nature and the profound changes, companies need to innovate and think differently about what the consumer in the next normal will think, feel, say, and do. 


CogniVocal is applying its expertise in consumer engagement and voice AI to strengthen bonds with basketball fans - expanding the boundaries of digital into the physical world, developing a more convenient and engaging experience for sports’ fans, wherever they might be.


The NBL Voice App will allow Australian basketball fans to navigate the upcoming 2021 season in a more appealing way. Using voice and natural language, they can easier access content and information faster and more conveniently.

The Voice App lets fans ask Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant a range of questions, such as:

"When is Melbourne United playing the Sydney Kings?"

"When are the Perth Wildcats playing at home?"  

"Who is playing this week?" or "Who is playing on Friday?"  

"What position are Adelaide on the ladder?" 

"Who's on top of the ladder?"

"Play the podcast."


NBL fans can enable the Voice App on their mobile phones or smart devices for both platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants. In a world of uncertainty, where everything is continuously adapting and changing, fans have access to game schedules as soon as they are confirmed. Also, get reminders about where they can watch the matches; they receive emails to help buy tickets and listen to the NBL podcast.


For more in-depth insights about how we can use voice AI to leverage consumer engagement with your business, please contact us.

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