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We design Voice User Experiences that teaches and encourages people to talk to your company.


It's a mistake assuming people will naturally know how to interact with a Voice app, just because speaking comes naturally to most.

The game industry has been teaching us how to interact with technology for more than 50 years.  


Pirate Island is an internationally awarded adventure game that engages players in a unique voice-first experience. We designed the game for users who have never interacted by voice to overcome challenges and engage with the story. 
Working with a professional writer, we utilised storytelling to put players in the protagonist's role in this thrilling treasure hunt, at the same time being led by a cast of exciting characters that serve as guides, mentors, adversaries and threats.





At CogniVocal, we have developed interactions with voice user experience (VUX) at the centre that has proved effective in engaging users. Even though Pirate Island is structured in seasons, we noticed excellent user retention numbers with players coming back to play the first season, even after they finished the season and know the story.

We also apply gamification to engage players with challenges and reward them with Gold Coins. The VUX is also designed to teach them how to purchase Gold Coins - the game currency. Players can upgrade swords or buy items that will unlock new quests or experience in the story. 

Pirate Island works as a lab experiment for CogniVocal to develop new engagement strategies that improve the user experience so we can apply learnings to create subsequent voice experiences for our clients.

The voice game is available on Amazon Alexa platform in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. Here you can quickly enable the Aussie version.

For deeper insights about how we can use voice AI to leverage consumer engagement with your business, please contact us.

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