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We use gamification to increase user retention.


Voice experiences are most effective when they become habitual. That is why customers often require some form of a trigger to motivate them to come back. CogniVocal applies gamification techniques to strengthen engagement with our products, regardless of the kind of content or the user demographic.


Farm Tycoon is a voice-game launched on multi-platforms - Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistants and Samsung Bixby. The game challenges players to prove they are excellent decision-makers; they must make tough choices and take risks to prove they can become a Farm Tycoon. 

Players need to move fast and earn wealth and goodwill points as they rise through farm society ranks to reach the top of the rankings.



Farm Tycoon encourages players to return to play repeatedly with gamification techniques such as feedback about their progress and rewards like badges to increase user retention. 
CogniVocal is experienced in the challenge of engaging consumers and building their loyalty with a brand and finding an intersection between business objectives and what customers care about, to create a hyper-focused voice experience that can become part of your customers' lives.

The voice game won an international prize on the Samsung Bixby DevJam, and it's currently available in AustraliaCanada, India, in Portuguese in Brazil. The premium version of the voice game it's been commercialised in the USA and UK. Here you can quickly enable the Aussie version.

For deeper insights about how we can use voice AI to leverage consumer engagement with your business, please contact us.


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