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The role of Voice in an on-demand era.

Emerging technologies are poised to personalise the consumer experience radically, and voice interactions have the central role in providing frictionless interactions.

In an on-demand world, consumers judge brands and products by their ability to deliver outstanding experiences and interactions, anytime and anywhere. Deliver real value, personalisation, and easy access are the fundamentals to access into consumers decision journey.

Search technologies have already made product information omnipresent; social media encourages consumers to share, compare, and rate experiences; mobile devices allow people to a "wherever" interaction.

Voice is streamlining interactions and turning communication into a real-time conversation.

At CogniVocal we have exceptional attention to the context as one of the fundamentals of Voice interaction, which brings the user experience to a unique level by considering not only "What", but "Who", "When" and Why".

Conversational Interactions must:

Be Personal by providing natural back and forth dialogue, adapting to the user's preferred way of speaking and asking follow-up questions in context to provide meaningful responses.

Be Adaptable by making users' daily lives easier, asking appropriate questions, learning user preferences and making the right recommendations.

Be Relatable by keeping the conversation flow and don't over confirm users' response to reduce friction.

Be Available by remembering and build based upon past experiences into the context to improve and speed up future interactions. Consumers still desire to provide more data when this captured information provides truly helpful feedback rather than pushing what might appear to be intrusive messaging.

The consumer's experience with brands and products has become even more intense and defining. According to McKinsey & Consulting, such experiences drive two-thirds of the decisions customers make, leaving for prices drive the rest.

To win over these customers, you must know what they want, and more, what they need, to have the ability to reach and engage them. Voice interaction can allow companies to personalise experiences and build stronger bonds with people.


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